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IZU Keycaps Keys Availability

This is for custom, personalize and waiting for design.

Under Zoot It Up banner, IZU Keycaps is a locally created PBT keycap set using dye-sub process. The thickness of these keycaps are around 1.3mm to 1.4mm. Our mission is to provide high-quality bespoke keycaps at a lower cost to the Philippine and international market;. It may also serve as a platform for designers, dealers, and enthusiasts to showcase their work and ideas. Furthermore, as purchasing this product does not require a minimum purchase number, it may shorten the time it takes for group buys or possibly eliminate them entirely. For typical orders, we aim for a production time of 1-3 days after this pre-order. 

Notice: Changes on keys might happen. Shipping dates are only estimation.

Product Limitation

Because this is the first production of keycaps in the Philippines, minor flaws such as color accuracy, actual print on font heights, and other minor problems that occur during the dye-sublimation printing process are to be expected. We will, of course, perform a calibration test before printing the actual products. It should be noted that long spaces, such as 7u, may have a slight warp.

Payment and Raffle Terms and Return Policy

There will be no slots reserved if a half payment is not made. This payment is non-refundable as well. When the stock arrives, the full payment will be collected. When 75% of the sets are successfully sold, the raffle will begin. To be eligible for the raffle, you must also pay in full. In order to keep this offering going, we need 75% confirmed sales.

Design Policy

You can change your designs at any time until our pre-order ends. The new design will be available at the link below (will post once we collected 20 designs). Prices for IZU Original and Collaboration Designs are different. We may still be uploading new designs at the time you are viewing this. You can also use the link below to send us your own custom design. Please keep in mind that if you do not complete all of the keys available on our template when sending us the design, we will only produce what you have on your design. Please make use of all of the available keys as much as possible.

Collaboration Project

Collaboration Project is our initiative to showcase Filipino designs on keycaps market. In this pre-order stage, you will earn Php 200.00 per successful purchase. You need to provide your own mockups and designs. We will upload it on our gallery and customers and choose it. Use this link to join collaboration project: